Get 100, 200 or even 500 new loyal customers each month!

We have a system that generates new customers ON DEMAND and with HIGH PREDICTABILITY

There are a lot of restaurant owners today that are still using what we call a “Weather Forecast” Strategy when it comes to their marketing. We call it that because they sometimes work — and if they work, we’re not sure why and/or when will it work again. They rely too much on traditional marketing strategies that are either (a) no longer effective or efficient, (b) takes a lot of time to see the results, or (c) just expensive. 

I’m talking about:

  • Direct Mail
  • Restaurant Magazines
  • Billboards
  • Unstructured Email Marketing
  • Radio Sponsorship
  • Random Social Media Post

There are BETTER options!

Imagine a system that brings in NEW PAYING CUSTOMERS each month in a consistent, predictable manner. This leaves you to focus on your main business which is to provide amazing food and experience for the customers.

We Will Build Your Audience

Business now has the ability to build their OWN AUDIENCES and communicate with them directly. This allows restaurants to promote menus, send out offers, personalize messages, and more. By building your own CUSTOMER DATABASE, your business becomes INDEPENDENT and stops you from relying from 3rd Party services to give you customers.

Month 1: 500+ New Opt-Ins

Small audience with 10% redeeming their offers on the first month, with 25%+ redeeming from the entire batch. Our task is to ensure that the offer is GOOD ENOUGH to encourage people to take that First Visit.

Month 6: 3,000+ Opt-Ins

Older Opt-Ins have matured and are already decided if they love your restaurant or not. A good opportunity to revise the approach with them. While new Opt-Ins are being nurtured to ensure they have flawless experience in your restaurant.

Month 12: 6,000+ Opt-Ins

Already a HUGE audience where you can start working on improving the FREQUENCY of their visits by communicating with your audience and see how else your business can improve.

* Result varies depending on Ad Spend allocated and Offer provided

Our Strategy

Result can be seen within 30-days, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get your ROI (Return of Investment) in 30-days. These things takes time and as we build your audience, you get to see your message amplified with little to no cost.

Build Your Audience

We will use PAID and ORGANIC traffic your way and as we build a DATABASE of your customers that can be leveraged later. These are potential customers within 3 to 5 miles from your location.

Show An Irresistible Offer

Your restaurant is not the only one fighting for your customers' attention. They need to be INTERESTED in going to your restaurant for that FIRST VISIT.

Engage your Customers

Having them visit your restaurant once is NOT the objective. We both need to WORK TOGETHER in order to secure their 2nd and 3rd Visits. We will get their feedback and adjust accordingly. Making sure we focus on what will make the customers happy.

See the Performance

We can track our performance and we can discuss weekly and/or monthly in order to make adjustments as needed. This is where our program shines since any adjustments we do takes effect right away. Not possible for direct mail.

See TANGIBLE results, and make decisions from it!

We are data nerds, and we believe in data-driven strategies.

You can see if we’re performing or not. We’re not going to create a story to tell you what happened, you yourself will know based on the results. 

Multiple types of reports are available to help both your restaurant and our agency to be able to steer our performance in the right direction. Things may not work well at the start, as things do, but we get to see what we need to fix. We’re not using a crystal ball here.

Here are some reports that you might be interested in:

  • Vanity Metrics from Facebook's Stats
  • List of People Who Opted-In
  • List of People who Redeemed
  • Sales From Any Offer We have Provided
  • The Program's Progress
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Who do we serve?

Not everyone will gain from our Program. Each restaurant has their own needs or level of execution. We believe that building your brand is as important as sales. That’s why we limit the restaurants that we work with using the criteria below.

No-to-Some Social Media Presence

Restaurants who need help maintaining their Instagram or Facebook Accounts, or have no websites, or other automation. We'll be able to help build the strategy for you that takes you to the next level without breaking the bank.

Fast Casual / Casual Dining

Restaurants that have control over the customer experience and food quality is presented are ideal customers of ours. We want to be part of the journey on growing your business, as well as your brand.

Has Capacity To Grow

We want restaurants who can accommodate more customers and has a clear vision of what they need to be successful. This also means proper budget allocations are made to drive results.

Customer Centric

We want to work with Restaurants who are focused on their customers, not just the bottom line. We believe that making customers happy is a good business practice.

It takes TWO to tango!

Your Restaurant

What you should maintain or continue to improve on.
  • Provide Amazing Food
  • Provide Excellent Customer Experience
  • Ensure Proper Staff Training


What we commit to doing during our relationship
  • Bring in New Customers
  • Provide Weekly Performance Reports
  • Manage Online Restaurant Reputation
We are working, not just for your satisfaction, but for your recommendation!

We stand by our work!

For us, getting POSITIVE results is not the issue.  What we’re seeing sometimes is that bad restaurants are using marketing strategies to hide the quality of their work. We get that there will always be room for improvements, that’s why we work best with Restaurant Owners who takes on that challenge and wants to take their business to the next level.

If you are the RIGHT Restaurant, we’ll gladly give you a REFUND on our Management Fee if you’re not seeing the results you want within the first 30-days. We want to provide VALUE to you as a business and to your customers. So we take our work seriously. 

Peter Paul Quijencio

CEO | Wirelesslee

The Strategies are BASIC, the Execution is HARD.

Doing a scrambled egg is basic, but Gordon Ramsay showed a video that takes that to the next level. Same with what we do, we've shown you our strategy, it's so basic you can do this yourself.

But WIRELESSLEE can take it to the next level.

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You gotta market to 3 visits, not 1.

How to Market a Restaurant on Social Media?

Jon Taffer and Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how a small restaurant business owner can market in Social Media and compete with the "Big Guys".

Imagine having the ability to track your customer’s “status” as they get their first, second and third offers. As Jon mentioned, you need to market NOT ONCE, but THREE VISITS to get a 70% likelihood of a 4th visit!

Although we do things slightly differently and the biggest factor, is we’re able to SCALE that process for you.

  • 3 Offers delivered via Facebook Messenger
  • Track the Offers they have Redeemed
  • Minimal Training to your Staff or Managers
  • 70% Likelihood for the 4th Visit
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