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Jumpstart Your ROI Engine

New to the ROI Engine program?

Or looking to scale your business?

Or just don’t have time to deal with all the small details?

Either way, you need a team to help you set things up and monitor your performance without worrying about glitches, issues and customers who can’t seem to click that REDEEM button. With this package, you’ll be able to focus on getting more clients, closing deals and growing your business.

Need a Technical Person?

Already have an established ROI Engine workflow and a team to manage it?

There might be other services that I have that might interest you.

What we do for Matt Plapp

Focus on your STRENGTHS

What we can do for you?

Based from Matt Plapp’s ROI Engine program we have developed our own modular ROI Engine in order to provide you with a complete setup based on your (or your client’s) requirements. This will then be customized to your client’s branding need. 

Have a worry-free back-end setup where we handle broadcasts, inbox clean-ups, bug fixes and escalations so you can focus only on things like matters to you, getting more clients!

  • ManyChat Setup
  • Zapier Setup
  • Google Sheets Setup
  • Daily Facebook Data
  • Drip (Optional)
  • Cyfe (Optional)
  • Inbox Management

We are a Team of Experts

I have been part of Matt’s program since it’s BETA phase (April 2018). During that time, I have helped the program grow with my knowledge in Google Sheets and that template (V3) has become the standard for the ROI Engine. I was able to contribute this much since I was able to understand the technical process of the system, as well as the mindset that is needed by the Agency and the Restaurant as both sides look at the reports. 

My team on the other hand has been trained or validated by me and as we help more ROI Engine Peeps setup more engines, we have developed a system that streamlines our process and we strive to provide more value to our Agency clients. 

I’ll continue to develop our team in order for us to scale and add more services that you can offer to your clients.

Wirelesslee is CERTIFIED Messenger Marketing Expert by ManyChat since May 2019.

Additional features or functionalities you can include with the ROI Engine

ROI Engine Add-ons

Year-Round Campaign

Birthday Offer

A year-round campaign that targets people who are about to celebrate their birthdays! Give them a good reason to take their friends to your restaurant!

Points per Friend's Redeem

Referral Points Program

Encourage your paying customers to invite their own friends to the program. If they become paying customers, the referrer gets points! It’s a good way for people to invite AND SPEND money in your restaurant.

Points per Visit

Loyalty Program

Encourage your customers to come in and spend money in your restaurant. Once they do, they get points that they get to redeem in the future. The more visits they do (and spend money, the more points they get. 

Star Ratings

Quick Surveys

Get to know more about your client’s services or your customer experience. This will give you insight on how your ROI Engine OR Client’s Restaurant is performing.