Matt Plapp

About Matt Plapp

by Peter Quijencio

QUICK INTRO about Matt Plapp

He’s a Matt Plapp is the President of Driven Media Solutions, a US-based full service marketing firm located in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. He has over 18+ years of experience doing marketing for small businesses in the region. 

He’s also the creator of the ROI Engine Program that focuses on Digital Marketing for Restaurants, that uses Facebook Messenger marketing to get people to restaurants an provide TRACKABLE progress.


I was LUCKY!

I started my interaction with Matt back in April 2018 when he opened the BETA for his ROI Engine Program. For me, living in the Philippines, his enrollment fee was steep but I was looking for a quicker way to get as close as I can to the people who are doing Digital Marketing and ManyChat. I already know ManyChat at this point, so the Digital Marketing side is the one I was aiming for.

So I thought of it as a personal investment, like enrolling in a course, with the mindset that I may not see that money returned. I knew that getting connected is much more important than getting the money back and I took the risk.  Little did I know that my interaction with him has opened up opportunities for me that I was able to return that fee 10X over!

I said I was lucky, because for me: Luck is Opportunity meets Preparation. And if I was not ready to take that leap, or if I was not looking for the opportunity or have the funds to take action, I would have been on a different path than where I am now.

Peter Quijencio

The Vision

As we go through the modules, I start seeing the value of the program on how it can help Restaurants and even sell them the idea of the ROI Engine. At the same time, I started seeing inefficiencies on how the Google Sheets were designed and there, I thought, it is where I can contribute to the group. 
You see, the group is very active and constantly sharing ideas and as a new comer in the Digital Marketing world, I cannot contribute to the group unless it was ManyChat related. 

So when Matt recognized that I have something going, that’s when we collaborated in developing V2 of the Google Sheets. This became the standard of the program and we started building off from it, trying to take advantage of the features and ability to see a higher level of reporting that was not feasible before. 
February 2019, V3 was released to solve some of the limitations that V2 had and to add more features and capabilities (like daily automated updates) which became the new standard of the program.

V4 is something that will take some time, as there are a lot of ideas or approaches on how to take the ROI Engine to the next level. The question is if it’s easy to implement, cost effective and provides more value. 

And that’s the vision!