About Us

About our company

Wirelesslee is a Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency that specializes in Restaurants and helping other agencies with their outsourced work. We have clients from all over the world, but mostly in the United States. We provide a holistic strategy for our Restaurant clients depending on their objectives and/or budget.

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Advertising Stretegies

Facebook Ads is currently our go to platform for outbound strategies as it is currently under-priced as compared to the other platforms or media. We are extending our skill set to include Instagram, Google Ads & Youtube in the near future.

Marketing Strategies

If needed, we can build a Wordpress site for the client and optimize it for Google Search as part of the inbound marketing strategy, and use that site to funnel them to the restaurants. We want people looking for our clients to find them easily in Google and see what they’re looking for. 

Automated Messaging

We believe that CONVERSATIONS are the next level of communication between a business and its customers. Hence we’re proud to have partnered with ManyChat and we got our Messenger Marketing Expert certification May 2019. We create custom ManyChat flows for a lot of niches and/or objectives. We even extend the capabilities of ManyChat by hosting our back end servers to provide more functions.

Other Services

We also provide technical support to other Digital Agencies and also provide a Virtual Manpower resource for repetitive time-consuming tasks. We can develop APIs to connect multiple applications to meet the client’s needs.

Our Vision

Opportunities are out there, but not everyone gets to see it or even knows that it exists. We want a build a community of Entrepreneurs and Freelancers by giving the opportunity to those who deserve them. Hence we are committed in providing Outstanding Results to all our clients. The success of our clients is also our success. 

At the same time, we just started our company so there will be issues, flaw and set backs. And if that happens, we will do what we can to make things right.


CEO, Founder | Wirelesslee, OPC

We do what we can with what we have or what is given to us. 

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